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Jaipur Sightseeing

Jaipur, the capital city of Rajasthan has captured the best of man-made attractions in itself. Perhaps this is the reason why it’s named as “The Pink City” and perhaps, this is the reason why this city attracts millions of tourists from every corner of the world. No wonder that Jaipur is amongst the places that are highest frequented in India. The colours, charm, and finger-biting beauty of this city leaves you mesmerised. You name it and Jaipur has it. The statement may seem to be hyperbole; be here and you will end-up shouting the same in echo!

The history of Jaipur goes some 300 years ago when the city was found in 1727 by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, a Kachhwaha King and the then ruler of Amber. The city was thus named after him. One of the most appreciating features of this city is its symmetric establishment. Painted in Pink, and thus called as the Pink City, the city features straight roads, square markets, lush greenery, high mountains and remarkably beautiful monuments. It is being said that Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II established this city just to compliment his kingdom Amber. The city was originally founded to provide shelter to his progeny as Amber was comparatively a smaller town. Soon he was so mesmerized with the beauty of this city that he shifted his capital to Jaipur. Time kept passing, and Jaipur became their favourite residence. The love of the ruler for this city can be witnessed from a simple fact that all his decedents lived and ruled from Jaipur only.

Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, an architect from Kolkata (then Calcutta), is the person behind supreme architecture of Jaipur. Jaipur has a unique feature in its establishment as the main city is divided into six sectors by broad roads. An incredible fact is; the streets of Jaipur never end or get blocked. They always meet the main road. This is particularly the reason that Jaipur has finest traffic system in India. The city was coloured Pink to welcome the Prince Albert. Vidyadhar Bhattacharya has been acclaimed as the finest architect of the modern world. To honour the excellence of the maestro, a whole town namely “Vidyadhar Nagar” and a garden namely “Vidyadhar Garden” have been dedicated to him.

As time passed, new milestones kept adding to the beauty of Jaipur. First came some remarkable monuments which today are the best examples of stunning craftsmanship. Then there were the colours of heritage added to the city which made a traveller’s haven. Today, Jaipur is a city which boasts best of heritage and fine art, something which is virtually impossible to find at any other place.

There are some cities in India that are or were known for their heritage and monuments. They tried to march with the time and tried to improve their modern infrastructure. Surprisingly, most of them could not hold on both of them. Either they lost their ancient beauty or they lacked in modern-day advancement.

Luckily, Jaipur is a city which has succeeded in both. While visiting the city, you will see two faces of Jaipur. One is the old town which is known as “The Walled City” and has innumerable ancient monuments, more than any other city in the world. There are symmetric markets like Choti Chaupar and Badi Chaupad (named so because of their square shape. Chaupad is a popular game in Rajasthan which is played on a square plate having many houses on it). Then there are some finest examples of supreme architecture such as Hawa Mahal (The Wind Place), Jantar-Mantar (a collection of architectural astronomical instruments), The City Place (Museum and residence of erstwhile rulers), Albert Hall (Central Museum), Amer Fort, Govind Dev Ji Temple, Sargasuli (The monument of victory), and the list keeps going... Go out of the city and see the Jaipur developing at a vast pace. The 11th largest city of India provides shelter to more than 3.5 million people. And in recent years, Jaipur has become the favourite destination for IT, education, industries, manufacturers and other business owners. The World Trade Park has put a new star in beauty of the city. And Metro Train in on its way; promising to make the transportation most comfy one. There are more than 50 cinema halls, more than hundred shopping malls, around 150 colleges and some 1000 companies located in Jaipur which make this city a leader in today’s advanced era. As per a recent survey, Jaipur is the biggest job provider in India and is the most suitable place for IT. Want to see the world from a different angle, you are suggested to visit Jaipur. It is the only place which will fill your camera from stunning pictures, your mind with sparkles, your heart with peace and your bags with purchased items. Finding the best of Mother Nature, fine architecture, modern-day advancement and symmetrical development is only possible in the Pink City, Jaipur.
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